Biortus Protein Catalogue


Biortus is a leading world-class contract research organization that provides a one-stop service of gene synthesis to structure determination. Since 2009, Biortus has partnered worldwide with numerous research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies - consistently providing high-quality custom proteins for all stages of biomedical research.


In addition to Custom Protein Generation, Biortus now provides rapidly available crystallography-grade proteins in the Biortus Protein Catalogue to better serve the global life science industry. Many of these proteins have been crystallized and/or structurally elucidated using our in-house X-ray and Cryo-EM facilities. The Biortus Protein Catalogue currently comprises of over 1,700 independent drug targets, consisting of Membrane Proteins, Kinases, ubiquitin-proteasome enzymes (DUBS and E3 Ligases), CDKs (cyclin and cyclin dependent kinases) and more, covering a wide range of therapeutic areas.


Biortus headquarters is based in Jiangyin, China with branch offices in Shanghai, China, WuXi, China and Boston, MA, USA. All protein samples are individually packaged with detailed quality control reports of protein solubility, purity, and stability with optional reports on functional activity based on client needs. 

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CDK Family

Continuous proliferation is an important hallmark of tumor cells, blocking the tumor cell cycle has become an important means to control tumor development.

DUBs Family

Protein ubiqutinylation, the covalent post-translational addition of ubiquitin, and deubiquitinylation is a dynamic and reversible process, orchestrated by the concerted effort of the ubiquitin ligase and deubiquitin peptidase (DUBs) families. Ubiquitinylation is critical in regulating protein degradation, protein-protein interactions, cellular localization, and enzymatic activity - dictating numerous important cellular processes.

E3 Ligase Family

Protein degradation is a regulated, multistep process. Ubiquitin is loaded onto E1-activating enzymes in an ATP-dependent manner and then transferred to E2-binding enzymes. The same E2 can bind to many E3 ligases, which in turn can ubiquitinate multiple target substrate proteins. E3 ligases bind specific substrate proteins based on substrate degron motifs.

COVID-19 Proteins

COVID-19 is one of most severe and contagious virus in human history. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, more than 500 million people were infected and it led to over 6 million deaths.

Membrane Protein

Membrane proteins play an important role in cells, they are involved in cell-to-cell, cell-to-matrix interactions, cell formation, and transmembrane transport of various ions, metabolites and proteins.

Ras Family

The Ras oncogenes were the first human oncogenes discovered in human tumors, and it belongs to the small GTPase superfamily.