Fragment Libraries

Fragment screening is a relatively recent idea and has been a popular complementary method to high-throughput screening for drug discovery. With the approval of Vemurafenib and Venetoclax, both derived from fragment screening, fragment-based drug discovery is certainly becoming more appealing to the pharmaceutical industry. Biortus has two Rule-of-3 compliant fragment libraries. All fragments are dissolved in DMSO at 100mM in 96 and 384-well format, and their aqueous solubility are at a minimum of 1mM. Biortus Fragment Library 1 has a total of 1159 compounds of which 137 overlaps with Biortus Fragment Library 2 (2500 fragment in total). Depending on the expected hit rate of the target, clients have a choice of a smaller or bigger fragment library and screening of both libraries with a total of 3522 unique compounds.


Biortus Fragment Library 1 (1159 Fragments)



Biortus Fragment Library 2 (2500 Fragments)