Protein Production

At Biortus, we utilize three widely-used expression host systems, bacteria, insect cells, and mammalian cells, for the recombinant protein expression. Every year, the Biortus protein production team successfully delivers over 5000 batches customized recombinant proteins, mostly drug target proteins, to our clients, including enzymes, kinases, transcription factors, immunity related proteins, GPCRs, Transporters, Solute Carrier Family members (SLCs), E3 ligases, epigenetic proteins and others. 

Biortus has developed several drug target protein galleries, aiming to have all drug target proteins on shelf, ready for use. For example, we have established CDKs/Cyclins, E3 ligase, Kinase, GPCRs (>100), SLCs, TRPs (all the 28 members from homo) galleries. 
We continue to develop new techniques, such as new affinity tags, new expression systems, membrane protein purification methods, and so on. Contact us for more information.