Expression Systems

In Biortus, we utilise all major expression hosts, E.coli, yeast, insect and mammalian cells for our protein expression purposes. Since establishment, we have successfully delivered over 2000 recombinant proteins, mostly enzymes and membrane proteins. The enzymes range from kinases, reductases, polymerases to epigenetic targets and others. One of the membrane proteins that we produced from scratch in four months was later crystallised by our crystallography team, adding a novel membrane protein structure to the company portfolio in a total of just eight months.

Besides conventional recombinant proteins.

Biortus has protocol in place for customised protein modification such as Se-Met derivatisation, isotope labelling, biotinylation, PEG modification and more. Upon request, we can also deliver gram scale reagent grade antibodies for our clients in 6-8 weeks.