Membrane Protein

Membrane proteins play an important role in cells, they are involved in cell-to-cell, cell-to-matrix interactions, cell formation, and transmembrane transport of various ions, metabolites and proteins. Based on the importance of membrane proteins in various cellular functions, more and more membrane proteins have become drug targets for various diseases, and the study of membrane proteins has gradually become a research hotspot in recent years. 

We have 2609 membrane protein plasmids, which include those important targets and known structure proteins.


Figure 1. Biortus Membrane Protein Collection



Membrane proteins are challenging targets: hard to expression recombinantly; difficult to keep them stable, homogenous, and active; and structural biology unfriendly;

Biortus has developed several proprietary methodologies to overcome the challenges, and the membrane protein collection in Biortus USA included in GPCRSuite®, ABCSuite®, SLCSuite® and IonChannalSuite®.

Figure 2. Cryo-EM structures of membrane proteins solved in Biortus



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